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057jill.jpgJill, a sexy blonde, starts in a white flowing skirt and cowboy boots. Bending over to get something under her bed we see her peach lace panties. Changing into a black business dress we see her sexy black bra. She lies on the bed for great worms eye views of her panty covered butt and crotch. Next into a white satin panty under a peach skirt and white heels, she teases us with that slim body of hers, showing off her panties as she moves on the bed. Next camera walk overs for a terrific worms eye view, I get so close to her pussy that the heat almost steams up the lens. Then Jill tries on a white cotton panty under an orange skirt, she gets on the floor for her daily stretching exercises. GREAT UP THE SKIRT SHOTS. After stretching she changes into pink nylon briefs with lace front and a white skirt, for still more teasing. She removes the panties and bra to show us her shaved pussy under her skirt. She goes nude to reveal one of the best bodies I ever shot. Excited you can see her pussy glistening with her juices. She rolls all over the bed so that you can see EVERY INCH of her body, I give you a great butt hole view too! 1 hour

  058bobbi.jpgBobbi is a very pretty brunette, she starts right in a tight pair of blue jeans (always sexy). She removes them and shows off her nylon briefs and white bra on her petite figure. Then she gets into a black tight skirt and blue halter top, she rolls around on her bed to tease us by giving us glimpses of her panties. Then she puts on a blue cotton French cut panty under a black flowery dress. She twirls around to give us up the skirt shots, then back on to the bed and we look up her dress as she pumps her butt up and down. Then she puts on a red lace thong and matching bra, under a jean skirt and 1/2 top, crawling across the bed we see up her skirt to her panty covered pussy. The skirt moves up her butt to show off her ass. Then into a shear peach lace panty under a white skirt, Bobbi is a major tease. I get you under her for worms eye views of those panties. Then she does a white lace panty, and I mean "does". Panties were made to be worn by girls like Bobbi, a girl who knows what she has and knows how to show it. She then leaves a sweat shirt on and a pair of panties, the shirt just covers her butt, so every time she moves we get a different view of her panties. This is panty teasing at its best. Bobbie then tries on a pastel blue cotton pair, for still more teasing. She moves on the bed, which really shows off her butt. At the end she is wearing a white skirt with no panties to reveal her hairy patch, this my friends is a must see and a really big turn on. Then she is totally nude for pussy and butt hole close ups. 1 hour
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